Claim free Cryptocurrency every 5 Minutes

Receive free cryptocurrency every 5 minutes from our faucet.

Claim unlimited Cryptocurrency

Receive cryptocurrency every 5 minutes. There is no limit to how often you can claim!

Play Minigames

Play Minigames and recieve Rewards for every finished Game !

Level up & earn Rewards

Level up with EXP what you get with every claim & Finished Game and earn rewards for it!

Our Features

A small list of our features. Some new ones will come in time!

Cryptocurrency Faucets

Claim every 5 Minutes free Cryptocurrency.

Mini Games

Play Mini-Games and earn Crypto.

Daily Login Bonus

Log in every day and claim your bonus.

Reedem Taskcredits

Reedem Taskcredits for Fuzzcoins!

Level UP & get Rewards

Raise your level & get Rewards.

Referral Program

Earn 0.01$ for each referral Registration!


Fuzzcoin Faucet

Claim Fuzzcoins every 5 Minutes !

Fuzzcoin Faucet

Get Fuzzcoins for every Claim!


Dogecoin Faucet

Claim Dogecoins every 5 Minutes Direct to your Faucetpay wallet !

Dogecoin Faucet

Get Dogecoinss for every Claim!


Reedem Taskcredits

Log In every Day and Recieve Taskcredits ! Reedem Taskcredits for Fuzzcoin Rewards!


Get Taskcredits & Reedem for for Fuzzcoins!

Mini Games

Earn more with Mini Games

You can also get Fuzzcoins from mini games so that you don’t always have to just make claims.

Mini Games

Get Fuzzcoins for every finished game!


Level UP & earn Rewards

Get Fuzzcoin rewards for every level. You get EXP with every Faucet Claim & finished Minigame so that you can reach a higher level.

Earn with us

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